About Serena

Serena has been practicing yoga for over 25 years.  She became interested in yoga when she was a dance student in the early 1990s as a way of not only increasing her core strength and flexibility, but also relaxing and destressing after grueling days of demanding dance practice, where her mind and body were often left feeling fatigued and overworked.

Since those early days Serena’s movement journey has taken her through dancing professionally, choreographing for an aerial circus company and working with a youth group to produce a dance event that was hosted at the Millennium Stadium in London. She has also taught weekly dance classes to children and adults.

After completing her PhD in 2012 Serena embarked on a yoga teacher-training course in Hatha (Iyengar style) yoga. In 2014 Serena was introduced to the UK’s leading Vinyasa Flow teacher, Claire Missingham, and in February 2015 she enrolled on Claire’s Vinyasa Flow teacher training, which she successfully completed in June that year.

Serena aims to integrate all her movement knowledge into guiding students through the asanas (postures) in a safe and playful way. Emphasis is placed upon breath and alignment, as these are core to developing a holistic yoga practice. Relaxation and meditation are also incorporated into the class structure, as is the philosophy of yoga where appropriate.

Serena teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Hatha (Iyengar Style) yoga, each of these styles offer different benefits.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga focuses on holding postures for longer periods of time, and as such, encourages the connective tissue and fascia to stretch and move more freely. Yin yoga has huge benefits, not only on nourishing the tissues of the body, but also significantly relaxes the musculature of the body and calms the mind. Yin is suitable for all levels.

Hatha (Iyengar style)

Iyengar yoga is a practice that pays attention, and gives focus, to the alignment of the body in a detailed and precise way. Breath work is also incorporated fully into this style of Hatha yoga, so that breath and posture work become integrated. 

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is fast becoming the most popular style of yoga today. It is a rhythmical, fluid style of yoga that integrates breath with movement; where the inhalation and exhalation move you through the asanas (postures) in a dynamic and continuous way.

The benefits – Vinyasa Flow, like Iyengar and Yin styles of yoga, benefits you physically, mentally and emotionally. By helping to calm the mind, and bringing greater awareness to areas of the body that might be holding onto tension and stiffness, yoga strengthens the mind-body connection. As flow is a more strenuous style of yoga it aids the body to expel toxins more rapidly and leaves you feeling re-energize and healthier.

Vinyasa Flow can be a challenging style of yoga that may take you out of your comfort zone, but it teaches us about where our edges are.  If you’re not sure what style or level of class is right for you then please contact Serena.